Thursday, June 01, 2006

Business- Science or Art

"Is Business Science or Art?" Joe asked me the last week when we failed to get a RM3 million ringgit deal.

I was a little bit upset and disaapointed over our failure. But in business, you have to look ahead and not grunt over the lost deal. I replied, " It depends."

Joe have been assisting me since last year. We made a team. He is helpful and tolerant. He sees things in a very peculiar way. That's why to him a project given to him, must ultimately be successful. " I believe it is still a Science."

"Why do you say so?" I finally asked him. "Is it because Federick Taylor said "management is a Science" so business is a science too?"

"I see in this way. To get a deal done in business, there is a prescription. See, first you get an exposure. Then you explore, Then an enquiry. Followed by a discussion. Then some exchange of hopes and pricing. Then bring in the discussion and to the higher authorities for approval. Present the case. Get the permission and approval of the other party. Bingo a deal is strike. Ain't this scientific enough?" Joe theorised.

"Sounds proper. A gap left out is easily patched up within the system you have just said. At the surface it is scientific enough. " I said.

"But then why the system failed us?" Joe enquired.

"I'm wondering too. The only reason I can think is because in the system we are dealing, the human factor is in the way. That's where business requires art." I conjectured. He must be sending in his feelers to know exactly why we failed. The boss gave no reason to us why he disapproved the deal, although we have given more than enough explanations on the risks involved. " After all, in business, the risk factor will ultimately be the deciding factor, scientifically speaking." I told Joe.

"But why does boss meant when he said that he is helping us by not getting the deal through. This deal is good and would bring in the required income and acsh flow for the company. The risk is pretty low, much lower than some of the deals we have done earlier on." He felt perplexed.

Knowing Joe is young and aggressive with a clear mind-set to get business done and Boss who is middle-aged and having a clear mind-set with business done, I am certainly going to say that business at certain stage is more art than science. I told Joe, " Well we shall see that the next deal is going to be scientific. Let's focus on the next one."

Joe is a brillant young guy with excellent academic results from a reputable institution. He has been trained to get excellent results and there is no failure in his test. This time a real test is failed. He must be wondering why we can take it when he finds it hard to accept the fact. He sure has a lot more to learn.