Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dearer Petrol

Sometimes, we listened to our teachers, " Early to sleep, early to rise, It keeps you healthy and wise." So I went to sleep early on 27 Feb 2006, the Monday night.

It was more than a shock the next day when the newspaper stared at me , "Petrol up 30 sen". I started curing and swearing at the bladdy people involved in making that decision, in all kinds of language and dialects I knew.

"When was the announcement being made"' I inquired as I stepped into the office.

" At around 10.50pm-lah." replied Mat, the office boy.

" Why so late made the announcement. Normally, by 6 o'clock, everyone would know the next increment and people would drive to the kiosk to top up before the adjustments are made by the kiosk owners." I said.

" Yesterday's night, suddenly at 11pm, a lot of people drove to the kiosk to top up. A bit too late and so many could not top their tank at 12 midnight. The owners put the sign 'TUTUP'. Then many motorists were unhappy. Best moment to learn all the 4 letters foul words." Mat said.

"What-lah . Want to increase price , also must sneaky, sneaky announce at 11pm. Wait for 80% of the people sleep , then announced. Why like like-wan?" said Tom, the salesman.

Mat said, " No difference-lah. Announced at 6 pm, kiosk owner would put 'Petrol Habis' at 8 pm. Same one-lah. People have to pay high price , that's the rule of the Game."

"No what. Gomen said we are the cheapest in the region." I said.

" They always say that. They find difficulty in saying we are dearer than Brunei." Mat laughed.

Then I walked into my place to do my work. There goes my holiday plan to go to Langkawi. I thought of driving up there and laze around the beaches. Now there goes off my plan and the hotels there must be very frustrated when I cancelled my stay. There goes off another business deal for them.


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