Monday, February 06, 2006

Why we stop blogging

I must admit that some bloggers have the stamina to continue writing non-stop. Some would stop for a breather, then after an isotonic drink, resumed writing again. Some stopped , and then stopped indefinitely.

Actually, writing a blog requires a lot of self-discipline, of course not that type of discipline of a shaven bald head that was mentioned by a senior police-officer. This discipline requires time, energy and most of all away from distraction.

I must admit time is one of the factors that made me stopped for a moment. At times, I like enjoying a hot drink in a half-torn road-side mamak stall. By the time I knew, it was a wee too deep into the night. Why blog?

At times, I stopped because of job commitment. This is the easiest excuse or fact to give-lah. Blame the boss.

Perhaps another reason could be we got intimidated by some "seow-lan". They thought we made a FOOL out of them. But they saw pleasure when we stopped. But bloggers are die-hard writers , they continue somehow.

The other reason we stopped is we are facing an exam. This is common for the students. But the employed ones when faced a project, learning a new trade, or having a dating course, they take a break. The latter one is the most compelling reason to stop. Wait the steady one reads the blog about her or him, habis cerita-lah.

Then the last reason I may add is beacuse of plain laziness. You know-lah, laziness has become a privilege in life. If we can afford to be lazy, procastinate a bit, take a break, phwee, life is so wonderful. Why blog?