Friday, October 14, 2005

Busy Busy

Ever wonder why STPM, SPM, PMR and UPSR are held between September and December every year? Why not held them in March like what the local universities do with their final exams?

It's only when one is working, they know why. After all, the schools are institutions of training someone to get them ready to work too.

Most working people would agree with me and dread this time of the year. Maybe when the school exams are on, the kids would be busy with their exams, hence giving the elders some time to get serious with their work. Most working people would have to get the daily works performed, and on top of that have to get third quarter reports, the next year's budgets, the next year's strategies and forecasts ready, the current staff-performance reports, well-wishing for clients in the coming festive seasons ( Deepavali, Hari Raya Puasa and Christmas) and worst of all, preparing the company's annual ball.

No wonder everyone has to be extra healthy, extra fit and be working extra time in this final quarter of the year. However, the unfairness part is that a lot of heavy-weight executives would be on annual leave, the excuse have to be with the kids for the holidays, and always extend their festive-leaves too. The younger, tougher, fitter, and the unmarried ones WILL HAVE to get everything done and cut-short their off-days. "You will have the days we have now" says the married heavyweight.

So now the training of getting busy at the end of the year has already been happening since in the school-days; so one cannot complain if you have to burn mid-night oil too when you are working. No wonder Cliff Richards sang for "Summer Holidays" and never sing for a happy year-end.

I think I may be wrong here as the end of the year is summer in the South. Or is Cliff wrong?