Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sales Gimmicks

Two lady collegues wanted to shop in CarreFour. So Head and I decided to go for our lunch in a nearby chichen rice shop while the ladies shopped. We realized that there many shoppers although it was only 12.40 pm, and it was not the end of the month yet.

After finishing our lunch, we went to look for the two ladies. They certainly were great shoppers carrying loads of goodies inside the numerous plastic bags. They then lined up to redeem some "free gifts" and some fun cards to try their luck for some prizes.

The ghiven fun card given is to be put into a sort of a juke-box where there will be light-bulbs blinking and music accompanying. The bulb light will light up when the music ends and match against the prizes. The prizes include rice cooker, rice, umbrella, cup and mystery gifts which is a pen. The Grand prize for the week could be "A paid trip for 2 to Australia" or "RM10,000 worth of jwelleries" or "RM10,000 worth of vouchers". Of course the unlucky ones would be given a note, "Come again Tomorrow".

Ever since these lucky fun cards are given out for a certain minimum sum purchase, many people have been coming here to do their shopping and at the same time trying out their lucks. The two ladies at the end of the 15 minutes wait, got a pen each. Each of them has at least eight to ten fun cards.

The waiting to try their luck was long, as some customers have more than a score cards. They would care less what the others are waiting and they keep trying their lucks with the fun cards. I saw one man having a stake of the, easily amounted to 30. As the lunch break wass short and the waiting was long, Head and I were worried that the two ladies might have to stay back overtime to finish their work in office.

The sales tactic is good and attracts a lot of customers. ButI think I may ask the management of that shopping centre to limit each player five fun cards each time they play during lunch break. Otherwise those office workers will be fired in due time when they go there for a SHORT shopping trip.


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