Thursday, September 01, 2005

In the Kopi Stall

Sometimes I like taking a cuppa in the kopi-stall and do some observations on people. It is usually hot under the stall and the fans are just transfering the heat from left to right and then vice versa. But that doesn't deter me from going there for a cuppa.

As yesterday was a national holiday, I got up a little bit later than usual. I took a lazy stroll to the nearby kopi-stall, where I had 2 "yau-cha-kuei" and a cup of black "kopi". So I took my time enjoying dipping the cha-kuei into the hot kopi and slowly put into my mouth. "Wah... " what a satisfying feeling!! Who cares if the thermometer reads 90 degree Fahrenheit.

I flipped over the newspapers but nothing really pulled my interest. Then a couple with a 2 or 3 years old kid walked to the table next to me. Now my sense of observation began to stir.

The man quickly sat down. His wife, despite pregnant, had to carry the child and brought her to the chair next to the man. The man merely sat until the child was on the chair. His wife then went to the counter to place her order.

The cute little girl was very happy at first, smiling sweetly. Upon resting on the chair, she put her little hands on the table and started to gather the things that were still left on the table. Suddenly a thumping sound was splashed on the table by that man and he gave a single monotone "Ugh.."

The poor kid got startled and looked shocked. Her smile immediately disappeared. Her hands stopped to move and slowly retreated to her sides. Then her eyes just stared into her father, who gave her a stern look instead. Both sets of eyes were locked until the mother returned.

The mother then pulled a stool from my table over to hers. She put down the plate of noodles on the table. But the child didn't move at all until her mum got seated and she wanted to be attached with her. Again the father gave another " ugh." The child did not look at him at all but tried to grab her mother's hands.

What surprised me was that the child DID NOT cry at all. Normally, if such situation occurs, and from most observations, the child would cry. I could only guess that the child has been seasoned with her father's anger or maybe the father need to be more firece. Or otherwise the child would only cry if there is cane. Hopefully not.


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