Thursday, September 15, 2005

Going MAD

Boss called for me this morning, bypassing Head. Sure something not so good or very good. So strolled into his room.

"It's time for you to go for a refresher course. It'll be good for you and US." Boss said.
"Have to attend course again." I said, trying to remind Boss that I just attended one at the beginning of this year.
"This time is different. You will be attending a course entitled, 'Make a Difference" (aka MAD)' . This course...(blah..blah..).."

My ears started to ring. The left ear was tuning itself to something like " Nie mm kau chee sin.." . The right ear heard something like, " lu boh kau seow.. so must attend MAD course baru boleh tambah gila sikit."

"I thought this type of course was meant for Human Resourses people or maybe Marketing personnels?" I interjected.

"Ms HRM is unable to attend as her dad-in-law is hospitalized after a stroke. The marketing man is going for his annual holiday that time. The account gal has to get ready the accounts before the year end. You are the most suitable one-lah." Boss said.

Then Boss gave me the letter with a "P & C" on the envelope. Wah some more private and confidential.

I took the letter out and upon stepping out of the door, Ms Clerk, Ms Administration Asst smiled and Ms Steno asked me, " So confirmed you are going for MAD." I showed her the envelope, " P & C - lah". I said. How come 'P & C" matter, boss just informed me, people already knew and I'm still blur-blured-wan.

How I wish to inform Boss earlier that I would like to go for a holiday in Melbourne and take a chance to see Suzen. Then don't have to be a MAD participant. Ghee... this is getting me MADDER. Take a more positive view attending the MAD course, be the MADDEST man and be happy there.


Blogger Su Zen said...

cute la ur boss. lol it's like he just needs someone to go to that course regardless got kaitan with the job or not O.o

nvm la. the more knowledge you have, the merrier kua. who knows, maybe it's fun. or u might meet fun people =D

hehe holidays in melb. soon, i will be in malaysia indefinitely ~_~

7:00 AM  
Blogger Jac38king said...

The course is good and encourage one to be different from one used to be. Didn't get MAD but off-MAD. The sad thing was it was held over 2 days during the weekends. And have to work the next day.

Why so fast come back to Msia and work first. Should work in Aust first for 2 years , then come back with international exposure. Otherwise u are just another "katak di bawah tempurung".

1:45 AM  
Blogger Su Zen said...

lol family obligations

10:29 AM  
Blogger Su Zen said...

relax. this might sound lame but i always 'know' i was destined for big things so i'm not worried about my decision to go back to malaysia first ^_^

and i won't be a katak tempurung also.. i think. can fly one ma

10:31 AM  

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