Friday, August 26, 2005


I was at a nearby market, hunting for my breakfast. After a nice meal of "pan-mee" and a glass of barley, I strolled by the busy market. Then I heard someone's outstanding voice among the already noisy place.

"Please donate. Please donate. For every donation, we give a pen."

So, I strolled towards where the shout came from. There I saw a man standing at a corner, with a file of pictures of an organisation and some photo-stated copies of letter of approval to collect donations on his right hand and some pens on his left.

A man passed by, and gave a ringgit, he quickly said, "thank you" politely and gave him a pen.

Then another kind lady gave RM5.00, and the man gave her a ball-point pen. He then gave her an additional card and told her that the organisation thanked her for her generosity and may God blessed her.

That attracted me , so I watched for a little while. This is definitely something which was not taught in any Marketing course. I began digging into my pocket.

A few persons passsed by him while he kept shouting his request for donations. But nobody gave him any money. Then he added extra words to his sentence, " Come, come donate us. It's good to donate. It is EVEN BETTER than praying to God. " Everyone just ignored him and walked away.

After hearing that, I walked away too without donating. He would surely fail in the Marketing Course 101.


Blogger Su Zen said...

lol he should've stopped when he could huh

8:49 PM  
Blogger Jac38king said...

Yalor, he should have stopped or PRAYED for more donations.

6:20 PM  

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