Friday, August 26, 2005


I was at a nearby market, hunting for my breakfast. After a nice meal of "pan-mee" and a glass of barley, I strolled by the busy market. Then I heard someone's outstanding voice among the already noisy place.

"Please donate. Please donate. For every donation, we give a pen."

So, I strolled towards where the shout came from. There I saw a man standing at a corner, with a file of pictures of an organisation and some photo-stated copies of letter of approval to collect donations on his right hand and some pens on his left.

A man passed by, and gave a ringgit, he quickly said, "thank you" politely and gave him a pen.

Then another kind lady gave RM5.00, and the man gave her a ball-point pen. He then gave her an additional card and told her that the organisation thanked her for her generosity and may God blessed her.

That attracted me , so I watched for a little while. This is definitely something which was not taught in any Marketing course. I began digging into my pocket.

A few persons passsed by him while he kept shouting his request for donations. But nobody gave him any money. Then he added extra words to his sentence, " Come, come donate us. It's good to donate. It is EVEN BETTER than praying to God. " Everyone just ignored him and walked away.

After hearing that, I walked away too without donating. He would surely fail in the Marketing Course 101.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

At the Library

Last Saturday, I went to the National Library at Jalan Tun Razak to see if there is any new interesting books. I was already a members years ago and renewed the membership last year when I had to look for materials for my project. Luckily I managed to get a parking lot within the library compound.

Surprisingly, the library was packed with people. I must be damn proud to be a Malaysian. Everybody suddenly is interested in reading and the library is more than full. The right wing of the library is undergoing a renovation for expansion.

I had to pass through the security at the ground level before I proceeded to the upper floor. I saw many people queueing up to be members. However, most of them are students.

At the first and second floors where the reference books are stored, the tables were all taken up. Many were raeding, some were looking at people, while some were busy whispering amongst themselves. But many were reading their revision books for their coming public exams.

I walked along the corridor, but there were some sitting by the corridor flipping some of the books they had taken from the shelves. Then I saw two students flipping through and fro over some law journals, the AMR ( All Malaysian Reviews) and the MLJ ( Malayan Law Journals) , discussing among themselves. I stole a glance and I saw one of them holding a Mimi Kamariah's Criminal Procedure reminding that they must be looking for some criminal cases. I let them to look for their cases. At least I could see that we have some good law students striving very hard.

I walked to the third floor still looking for a place to sit. Unfortunately I could not find an unoccupied one. The library was actually noisy. I wondered whether readers could absorb what they read in such situation akin to a market. There seemed there were endless walking about, laughters among the students, whisperings turning into talks as the noise level slowly picked up.

An interesting dialogue I picked up

"Tengok tu, Budak yang pakai tudong putih tu. Lawa-lah" said A.
"Oh yang itu, dengar Rosli syok sama dia." replied B.
"Mana si-Rosli tu. Ah..dia cakap aje, Mai kita pi cakap sama dia." A decided for an action.
"Yang tudong hitam sebelah dia, Sipa tu? Boleh tahan juga?" B began his hunt.
"Jangan tunggu lagi. Mai pigi karang." A moved away. B followed.

There were two photo-copying machine at the fourth level. Many students were queueing too for the services. The magazine section is located here. But again I could not find a place to sit so I have to be on the move again. I passed by the sections where maps were stored and economic and social science journals were available. Still the empty seat eluded me.

Then I went to the left wing of the fourth floor ans was the "Harvard Corner". Here a lot of Harvard publications were available, mostly on economics and business stuffs. I stood there to flip some books by well-known Harvard authors like Rosenbeth Moss Kanter, Micheal Porter "Can Japan Compete?", Robert Kaplan of the Scoreboard fame and many others. I wondered how my legs could last 30 minutes standing and I must had been absorbed by the articles.

I decided to go back as the air-con could not arrest the rising heat of the increasing crowd, the librarians could not control the increasing sound level and the numbers of new pairs and couples added a new dimension of what a library ought to be. I did not borrow any books as I knew I won't be reading them either. I passed through the security again and walked towards my car.

Friday, August 12, 2005

At The Shopping Mall

The Haze was really BAD on Thursday. So could not go to the typical restaurants and road-side stalls for lunch. Head decided we go to J Shopping Mall nearby, so we need not be exposed to the acridic atmosphere. How nice of him.

So we had our lunch at the food-court. But then I saw many young boys and girls arouind the mall. I went for a short call after the food and told Head that we would meet each other in front of Eu Yan Sang at 1.30pm. We had another 30 minutes to roam around and some friends took this opportunity to do their shopping.

When I was in the toilet, something caught my eyes. I saw a group of 3 youngsters, likely 15 or 16 years old standing by the door next to the toilet. Whwn I went into the toilet, their eyes trail me and one follow me in. At the same time, another man came in, the youngster who followed me quickly sneaked out.

So, I decided to play some spy game with this group of youngsters. I walked out and stand some 10 meters away and watched them. Then there was a youngster who went into the toilet. One of the youth quickly followed him in. Then a while another went in. The other was still standing "on guard". Then I let time ran for a couple of seconds , before I walked towards the toilet. Quickly the youth "on guard" knocked into me, and said "soli" . I think he intended to delay my entry into the toilet and that gave a signal to his friends.

The other two friends of his came out immediately and together walked off coolly. When I was in the toilet, the youth looked so stunned and he was just standing by the sink. I didn't ask him what happened. But from the look of his, he must had been "hijacked" of something , maybe his money or handphone.

I walked away and told myself, "What the heck is this going now? Why are the youths doing this unworthy thing?"
Now it seems it is even unsafe to go to the shopping mall. I could not tell this to the security at the shopping mall as I was not the victim and the victim preferred to remain quiet. Maybe some detectives should be proactive and look into this matter in the shopping malls.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

At the Food Court

At the restaurant at Jalan Alor

So my collegues wanted to go for "Sister" curry-mee at Jalan Alor. Okaylah so long didn't have lunch there. So four of us driven by the Head headed to Jalan Alor.

Traffic was heavy and parking there is "Just park, worry later". We double-parked next to another car and walked into the restaurant ( more like a typical kopitiam). The crowd was there and we looked around for a table. Had to wait for a while and then quickly got a seat. Then we ordered the "curry mee" which is akin to the nyonya-style and the chendol.

Just as we were about to slurp the curry, the car we double-packed hooted out, so Head had to drive his car to make way for him to drive out and then took the parking lot. The weather was hot, so the heat inside the shop was sweltering hot. The fans were just returning the warm air that had risen. The hot curry soup immediately caused all the sweat pores to open up.

Just then a lottery seller came around, "Dua belas juta, 12 millions" and threw a bunch of tickets into the table like as if the cash had fallen from heaven onto the table. We had enough of all these tickets and prefered to eat the curry mee. " Tak mau" we said. The seller was insistent, " tiga ringgit satu-mar, pun tak mau." Head told him, " U bagi satu gerenti dapat tiga juta, wau bayar satu juta ringgit pun boleh." He went off immediately.

Then came a nice school-boy, must be from those Chinese independent high school selling some tickets, I think. He said for renovating fund and blah..blah.. Aiyah want to eat pun susah. Head took out RM5.00 and dipped into the donation box and said "no need tickets-lah".

Another then a China woman taking some VCDs and DVDs and asked us if we want to buy. Latest show...we could see Head was damn heated up , I didn't know if it was the curry or the China woman. "Don't wantlah..want to eat only." he said out loudly in Cantonese. The woman quickly moved away.

Finally we were about 80% to finishing the meal, two couples stood beside us. They said, "Got place already, this table want to finish already. Very quick-one." Head was really sore now and his face was really red. The curry was too much and the chendol could not keep him cool. " Leng lui, I got one more bowl-lah, not yet come. No need to wait here."

Soon we finished the meal and nobody wanted to talk. The curry mee definitely tasted well and hot, but the interruptions between meals were simply too many. Head didn't say a thing but I guessed the heat remained with him in office.