Monday, July 25, 2005

At the Permaisuri Park

Yesterday was a Sunday and it didn't rain in the evening. So I decided to go the the Permaisuri Park next to the KL Football Stadium and opposite the HUKM for a stroll. Thought wanted to jog, but since haven't been exercising for a long time better take an evening walk.

The park was well-designed and there was a track for joggers and walkers to have their exercise. There were many people of all races. By the look at the crowd's determinations, KL people are sure serious about their health.

I took a leisurely stroll and kept my ears sharp. I had no intention to eavesdropped, bue conversations here and there got into the ears.

An lady, a stone too heavy was running after her two kids of between 4 and 7 , " boy,boy don't run so fast. wait for me. I cannot run so fast."
Boys replied, " faster, fasterlah ma..., so slow better don't run . Just wait for us ."

A senior couple breezed me by, " Wah...uncle so strong-ah, can still run." I told him
"Ya... have been running for a while . You'll get use to it. Why not run?"
"Frighten leg cramp-lah..." I replied.
"Start slowly-mah...then (pant..pant...) can run faster.." he said.
"Thanks for the advice, uncle...see you." I said as he overtook me.

A couple of syt jogging overtaking me.
" huh...huh...huh........." they panted.
"wo...wo..." I said softly.
They turned back and gave me a stare.
As they ran and whispered themselves, " hamsaplow..."

I took a short rest by a tree. Under the tree, there was a couple holding hands and very close loving birds.
"Bang...aku tak laratlah..." the woman said.
"Ah..tak apalah..abang laratlah..." the man replied.
"Bang...aku letihlah.."
"Ah...abang kuatlah.."
I better cut short my rest as the evening had turned darker and for the couple, the night had just begun.


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knock knock

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Must be sleeping. Can't get up

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