Friday, July 15, 2005

At the Kopitiam

Lim asked me to join him and his wife to the market last Sunday morning. His wife went to do her marketing, while we went to a nearby "kopitiam" for a drink.

The kopitiam was packed and we saw a round table which can accomodate at least 8 persons with only a middle-aged lady, Ah Soh. When we wanted to sit that table, she said "oh, soli-ah, got people one."

So , we squeezed to the next table with a couple and two children. We ordered the kopi-o and the "roti bakar". So while waiting for Mrs Lim, we read the newspaper. That Ah Soh had the newspaper but she just flipped over and over.

Every minute or two some people would come and want to share that round table, she would say the same answer, "oh, soli, got people one."

Then Lim asked the Indon maid, "hey, apasal sudah penuh, itu Ah Soh ambil satu meja besar?"

Indon maid answer," Dia selalu macam itu. kadang kala dia punya kawan ada mari dan duduk jam-jam."

"Oh macam itu." Lim understood.

Then we heard her talking into her hand-phone, " What, no come-ah..aiyoh I wait so you tell me no come... You come nowlah. I can still waitlah. Veli fast...quick.." she did sound disappointed.

The couple next to us left and another pair of couple joined us after rejected at the Ah Soh's table. After 10 minutes, Ah Soh talked into her hand-phone again, "Aiyah....sure no come. Comelah, comelah... I can wait-one. ... Like that-ah..okaylah.."

We continued to read our papers. Then another call. This time, Ah Soh said, " What you also don't want to come? Why?...Like that I don't comelah.." Then she called the Indon maid and paid her the kopi and left in a bad mood.

I asked the Indon maid, "Apa dia minum satu kopi, manyak lama.."

"Ya-lah. satu jam..duduk sana ...tunggu saja." The Indon maid said.

Lim and I plus the couple just shook our heads.


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