Wednesday, July 20, 2005

At the bus station

I was at the Pekeliling Bus Station, awaiting to take a bus to the east coast at 7.30 am last Tuesday. The bus would depart at 8 am. Since I had taken my breakfast and paid for the ticket, I took a stroll around the station. Then came a middle-aged man and conversed with me in Cantonese.

Man: Hey! I got something to tell you.
Me : I don't know you.
Man: Aiyah , don't know can be friend what.
Me : Er...
Man: Okaylah friend, I want to tell you somethinglah. Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
Me : What's it?
Man: Yesterday, a few of my friends were injured in a fight.
Me : I don't knowlah. (This imust be some gangster thing)
Man: That's why I tell you. They are now hospitalised.
Me : Er....
Man: See now need some help from friends-mah. Contribute some cashlah..
Me : I also got no money.( I normally don't carry much cash when I travel. Reach there , then to ATM)
Man : No money?? Cannot be. You want to go east coast and no money, how can one.
Me : How you know I want to go there?
Man: I saw you buy ticket-mah. Come, come help my friends. Next time you are here , got problem see me.
Me : I also don't know you.
Man : Now you know. You say my name, Ah Loong (Dragon),no one dare to disturb you. See this one. (He show me his tattoo on his left arm.)
Me : Like that also no point. I have little money. (Purposely show my wallet got Rm22.00. Balance from the ticket and the early breakfast).
Man : Can also, got money can-lah. Contribute the Rm22.00.
Me : I give Rm20.00. Wait half-way stop want to take a drink so need the Rm2.00.
Man : (Quickly took the money) Remember, you know,. Got people disturb, say you know Ah Loong.

Shit... just got conned off Rm20.00. What a morning?
I later told the bus driver is this frequent in Pekeliling Bus Station. He said that this is normally done by the drug addicts. There is no sign of security post there. So be warned if you are there.


Blogger kiasi said...

First time go bus stop ah?

The only thing for you to say is, "Mud chut?! Sei hoi lah!" (What is that?! Go and die lah!). Just ignore that barger.

2:38 AM  
Blogger Jac38king said...

Thanks for the comment.
It happened in a bus station. There was another of his gang watching out nearby. They worked in pair.

1:09 AM  

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