Monday, July 25, 2005

At the Permaisuri Park

Yesterday was a Sunday and it didn't rain in the evening. So I decided to go the the Permaisuri Park next to the KL Football Stadium and opposite the HUKM for a stroll. Thought wanted to jog, but since haven't been exercising for a long time better take an evening walk.

The park was well-designed and there was a track for joggers and walkers to have their exercise. There were many people of all races. By the look at the crowd's determinations, KL people are sure serious about their health.

I took a leisurely stroll and kept my ears sharp. I had no intention to eavesdropped, bue conversations here and there got into the ears.

An lady, a stone too heavy was running after her two kids of between 4 and 7 , " boy,boy don't run so fast. wait for me. I cannot run so fast."
Boys replied, " faster, fasterlah ma..., so slow better don't run . Just wait for us ."

A senior couple breezed me by, " Wah...uncle so strong-ah, can still run." I told him
"Ya... have been running for a while . You'll get use to it. Why not run?"
"Frighten leg cramp-lah..." I replied.
"Start slowly-mah...then (pant..pant...) can run faster.." he said.
"Thanks for the advice, uncle...see you." I said as he overtook me.

A couple of syt jogging overtaking me.
" huh...huh...huh........." they panted.
"wo...wo..." I said softly.
They turned back and gave me a stare.
As they ran and whispered themselves, " hamsaplow..."

I took a short rest by a tree. Under the tree, there was a couple holding hands and very close loving birds.
"Bang...aku tak laratlah..." the woman said.
"Ah..tak apalah..abang laratlah..." the man replied.
"Bang...aku letihlah.."
"Ah...abang kuatlah.."
I better cut short my rest as the evening had turned darker and for the couple, the night had just begun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

At the bus station

I was at the Pekeliling Bus Station, awaiting to take a bus to the east coast at 7.30 am last Tuesday. The bus would depart at 8 am. Since I had taken my breakfast and paid for the ticket, I took a stroll around the station. Then came a middle-aged man and conversed with me in Cantonese.

Man: Hey! I got something to tell you.
Me : I don't know you.
Man: Aiyah , don't know can be friend what.
Me : Er...
Man: Okaylah friend, I want to tell you somethinglah. Don't worry, I won't hurt you.
Me : What's it?
Man: Yesterday, a few of my friends were injured in a fight.
Me : I don't knowlah. (This imust be some gangster thing)
Man: That's why I tell you. They are now hospitalised.
Me : Er....
Man: See now need some help from friends-mah. Contribute some cashlah..
Me : I also got no money.( I normally don't carry much cash when I travel. Reach there , then to ATM)
Man : No money?? Cannot be. You want to go east coast and no money, how can one.
Me : How you know I want to go there?
Man: I saw you buy ticket-mah. Come, come help my friends. Next time you are here , got problem see me.
Me : I also don't know you.
Man : Now you know. You say my name, Ah Loong (Dragon),no one dare to disturb you. See this one. (He show me his tattoo on his left arm.)
Me : Like that also no point. I have little money. (Purposely show my wallet got Rm22.00. Balance from the ticket and the early breakfast).
Man : Can also, got money can-lah. Contribute the Rm22.00.
Me : I give Rm20.00. Wait half-way stop want to take a drink so need the Rm2.00.
Man : (Quickly took the money) Remember, you know,. Got people disturb, say you know Ah Loong.

Shit... just got conned off Rm20.00. What a morning?
I later told the bus driver is this frequent in Pekeliling Bus Station. He said that this is normally done by the drug addicts. There is no sign of security post there. So be warned if you are there.

Friday, July 15, 2005

At the Kopitiam

Lim asked me to join him and his wife to the market last Sunday morning. His wife went to do her marketing, while we went to a nearby "kopitiam" for a drink.

The kopitiam was packed and we saw a round table which can accomodate at least 8 persons with only a middle-aged lady, Ah Soh. When we wanted to sit that table, she said "oh, soli-ah, got people one."

So , we squeezed to the next table with a couple and two children. We ordered the kopi-o and the "roti bakar". So while waiting for Mrs Lim, we read the newspaper. That Ah Soh had the newspaper but she just flipped over and over.

Every minute or two some people would come and want to share that round table, she would say the same answer, "oh, soli, got people one."

Then Lim asked the Indon maid, "hey, apasal sudah penuh, itu Ah Soh ambil satu meja besar?"

Indon maid answer," Dia selalu macam itu. kadang kala dia punya kawan ada mari dan duduk jam-jam."

"Oh macam itu." Lim understood.

Then we heard her talking into her hand-phone, " What, no come-ah..aiyoh I wait so you tell me no come... You come nowlah. I can still waitlah. Veli fast...quick.." she did sound disappointed.

The couple next to us left and another pair of couple joined us after rejected at the Ah Soh's table. After 10 minutes, Ah Soh talked into her hand-phone again, "Aiyah....sure no come. Comelah, comelah... I can wait-one. ... Like that-ah..okaylah.."

We continued to read our papers. Then another call. This time, Ah Soh said, " What you also don't want to come? Why?...Like that I don't comelah.." Then she called the Indon maid and paid her the kopi and left in a bad mood.

I asked the Indon maid, "Apa dia minum satu kopi, manyak lama.."

"Ya-lah. satu jam..duduk sana ...tunggu saja." The Indon maid said.

Lim and I plus the couple just shook our heads.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

At the Mamak stall

One evening , after a nice wonderful teh tarik session with a friend, I called out for the boss, " Taukeh, mai kira."

Without any calculator, he displayed his mental calculation abilities, "Ya, taukeh.. ene...teh....rene.... semua tujuh ringgit empat puluh sen .." he said with the wildest smile.

"Ya-kah... ada kira salah-kah.." I asked him.

"Oh...solilah....ene...teh .....rene.....ahh...tujuh ringgit lapan sen saja....tadi ada kira salah sikitlah." he smiled again.

"Apalah lu kira....teh tarik dua ...dua ringgit...roti telur dua....tiga ringgit.....tosai, satu ...RM1.20 ....semua enam ringgit dua puluh sen," I told him. "saya selalu datang makan sini tau..."

"Aiyah...solilah....tadi saya kira..saya punya kepala sakit.. yalah ...Rm6.20 saja." he quickly corrected himself and put on again his wildest smile.

I paid the money and left with my friend. Hmm...isn't this sound familiar at the mamak stall.